Thursday, March 31, 2016

Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer is also called asbestos cancer. Why so? It is because the cancer is indeed mostly caused by asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a kind of natural fibers often used as building materials. If asbestos is inhaled too much and pile up in the lungs, it can cause the cancer. The cancer is quite dangerous and life threatening. Unfortunately, asbestos today is still often used in many industries including construction industry, shipping industry, and many more. This is why a lot of people concern about the well-being and the overall health of the workers in the industry because they will be more vulnerable to get asbestos cancer. If you want to know more about this mesotheliomacancer or asbestos cancer, below is more information for you.

How Asbestos Causes the Cancer

Asbestos is the main reason why this cancer exists. Asbestos can cause the cancer because basically this material is a microscopic material. It has small particles that can inhaled really easily. When you accidentally inhaled asbestos, it will pile up in the lung and also in the outer tissue of the lung. The mesothelium will also get affected as well. Mesothelium is a very thin cell membrane in your body. It has the function of producing a kind of lubricating fluids on the organs’ surface. This kind of lubricant is the one allowing the lungs and also the rest of the organs to move freely, to expand, and also to contract without causing friction in the cavity of the body. Without the lubricants, the organs cannot work properly and this is where the cancer cells start to take over the organs. This is why asbestos cancer is very dangerous indeed.

Asbestos Cancer
Asbestos Cancer

How to Prevent Asbestos Cancer?

Considering construction workers are the most possible people to get this cancer, the number one prevention is by establishing safe working environment. If the construction of a building uses asbestos, the construction company must provide the proper equipments for the workers so that they do not inhale asbestos. Asbestos is indeed fire resistant and also durable. That is why they often used in many building constructions. Knowing that, the construction company must know that they need a sort of strong face masker and also special suit made out of strong fabric to prevent the asbestos exposure to the workers. However, the workers are not the only ones vulnerable to asbestos exposure, the people who are going to use the building are also vulnerable to asbestos. That is why to minimize the possibility of asbestos exposure, before the building is used, the construction company must make sure that the building is completely painted and the asbestos is sealed and covered. That way, the possibility of the people living in the building get asbestos is smaller.

Asbestos Cancer Complications

Asbestos cancer is still a cancer that can spread rapidly and eventually causes death. The complications that can happen from asbestos cancer when it is not treated well are including organs failures, lung cancer, and many more. Considering that asbestos cancer can indeed cause complications, it is suggestible that as soon as you find the symptoms of asbestos cancer happen to your body, you need to start contacting doctors as soon as possible. If you feel like suing your company for making you get asbestos exposure, you can do that as well because there are many asbestos lawyers now available across the country. They will help you sue your company if you are sure the asbestos exposure that happens to you is caused by the failure of the company to provide proper equipment to the workers during the building construction using asbestos. Mesothelioma cancer or asbestos cancer is basically dangerous and you need to stay away from it no matter what.
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