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Medical Treatment for Mesothelioma

When the symptoms of Mesothelioma appear you need to hurry and visit doctor. Doctor will diagnose the disease and make sure that it is the real this cancer. If you have already known that you have this cancer you must have some schedule with the doctor to treat the disease. Even there is no objective medicine to completely heal the disease but you may follow some treatment that is suggested by the doctor. At least you will feel better and fight against the cancer. Well, what are treatments to treat Mesothelioma? The common treatment which is offered is surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. It is important to be known so you are able to determine what kind of treatment you will take and think about risk of that treatment.


The first treatment is surgery. The patient must be in good condition to have surgery since there is still a long recovery which is needed by the patient. Besides that, surgery only can be chosen if the cancer hasn’t spread yet to the other organ of the body.

There are two kinds of surgery for this cancer; the first one is main surgery to remove the entire cancer/tumor cell from the lung which is called pleurectomy and decortications. And the second one is the most radical and extreme surgery where the surgeon will remove the lung instead named extrapleural pneumonectomy. The risk of surgery you will get is complications from the surgery, chance of death, need a lot of cost, and higher risk than the other treatment.

Surgery treatment will not stop after it has been done. The patients need to visit the doctor before and after the surgery. This treatment will combine with therapy to complete the treatment.



The next treatment is chemotherapy. This treatment will includes certain medicine on it and aimed to kill the entire cancer cell and make the tumor become small and finally disappear. The chemotherapy system will enter certain medicine into body through oral and infuse.

Chemotherapy is given to the patients who take and do not take surgery. As for the patients who take surgery, chemotherapy is given before and after surgery. The common medicine which is always used for chemotherapy treatment is cisplatin which is combined with pemetrexed to get maximal result.

The dose of medicine for chemotherapy will be different depends on the condition of your health. The dose of medicine of the chemotherapy will reduce gradually based on the condition of the patients and the cancer cell development of the patients.


Then the next treatment which is common to do and the doctor offer to the patients is radiation treatment. This radiation treatment is very effective to kill the cell of the cancer and remove the tumor. Usually the radiation treatment is given together with surgery and given before and after the surgery. Even so, it doesn’t mean that radiation is only can be used together with surgery because the patients is also able to choose only radiation treatment. It is the oldest treatment which still has effect to the disease. Moreover radiation is effective since it will remove the cancer cell and tumor prevalently.

Alternative Treatment

There is still alternative treatment you can try to treat the cancer. This may use a long with those three treatments you are running as long as you have consulted this before with the doctor who handle you. The alternative treatment such as acupuncture, meditation, massage, and many others may help the recovery faster and ease the effect of the treatment. Even so, you cannot take alternative treatment randomly and have to understand the alternative treatment before choosing it. You have to take the best treatment which will match your condition to help you treat Mesothelioma.
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