Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Types of Mesotheolima Disease and How to Diagnose It

Malignant Mesothelioma disease is a type of a cancer which cause after asbestos expose our body. There are lots of cases of Mesothelioma found on women than men and most of those patients already reach stage III or IV. Based on the research and experiments from experts, they all came to one decision that Mesothelioma cases were related with asbestos and respiratory illness. This decision came from a fact that lots of workers who had close interaction with asbestos were had problem with their respiratory and died. This disease considered as a rare cancer disease because the lungs where covered and it cause big problem to their respiratory system. Mesothelioma cells exist in our membrane and this membrane is covering the outside part of all organs in our body and experts use this fact to strengthen their theory about this Malignant Mesothelioma disease. To understand more about this disease, let’s continue our discussion.

Three Types of Mesothelioma

Though the common name used is Malignant Mesotheolioma disease, there are three types of Mesothelioma known nowadays. The first one is “Pleural Mesothelioma” which is a very rare cancer and this can be found on people who interact with asbestos in high level. The ferocity of this cancer causes a very bad effect on pleura or a pair of serious membranes lining the thorax which covering our lungs and chest wall. If you saw someone or one of your family members is having short breath and pain in his or her chest, you need to go the doctor and check on his/her condition. To treat the patient for this Pleural Mesotheolima disease, the doctor will suggest some therapies or surgery. The second type is “Peritonial Mesotheolima” or a form of cancer which attacks the lining of our abdomen and this disease cause by the ingestion of asbestos fibers. This rare and hostile cancer of the peritoneum is not a joke and can deliver a fatal blow to the patient since there are only few report and history on this Mesotheolima type. To find the cure and how to treat a patient, the doctor needs any information regarding the disease, symptoms and also a report from previous case. It is also impossible to treat Peritonial patient in a same way with Pleural patient because there are some differences in clinical and prognostic features between them. And the third or the last type is “Peridical Mesotheolima” or a type of cancer which attack the lining shield covering our heart. Based on the amount of the patient and case found, this is the rarest type of Malignant Mesotheolima disease. The first and the second type of Mesotheolima can be trace to asbestos interaction but this Peridical is confusing because lots of doctors are unable to find how those asbestos fibers come to people's heart.


How to diagnose Mesotheolima patient?

In a modern era, it is a little bit easier to diagnose Mesotheolima in patient's body because of CT-Scan or X-ray but in the past, the doctor needs to pay attention on the symptoms, the patient's working environment and also family history. Since there are lots of different diseases with similar symptoms, the doctor need to make sure the patient's condition by perform a CT scan or X-Ray to strengthen the diagnosis and conclusion on the patient's condition. The next way is to do a Biopsy or a surgery to remove some tissue and do an examination on it using a microscope. Since this cancer is dangerous especially for a woman, make sure that you brings your family members to a doctor if one of them is experience extreme weight loss, fatigue after doing something light and pain in their chest so they will receive the best treatment when they are expose on this Malignant Mesothelioma.
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